Ox-eye daisies and sheep's bit scabious along the cliff path, Guernsey

Enjoying the wild flowers in Guernsey

One of my lasting memories of our trip to Guernsey are the wild flowers along the verges and adorning the cliff paths.

Sea thrift, Guernsey
Sea thrift, Guernsey

Whilst the bluebells were just going over the colours of the later spring flowers brightened our walks. The cliffs were covered in swathes of pink sea thrift and yellow gorse bushes.

Gorse and sea campion, Guernsey
Gorse and sea campion, Guernsey

I tried, unsuccessfully, to take photos of the butterflies too.  Speckled wood  butterflies were in abundance but proved too fluttery for me to capture with my camera!

Flowers along the southern coasts of Guernsey
Flowers along the southern coasts of Guernsey

The verges alongside the roads are left to grow long in spring to benefit the insects and birds. So different to the sterilised roadsides at home!

Stinking onions, Guernsey
Stinking onions

You can read more about our family walks in Guernsey and our day trip to the beautiful island of Herm; they’re a great opportunity to see many of these flowers.

Alexanders, Guernsey

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