Uphill Nature Reserve

Exploring Uphill, the quiet end of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Weston-super-Mare may not be the most fashionable or upmarket of resorts but whenever we visit we have a great day out. This time we did something a little different. The kids are too old for donkey rides and building sandcastles (sob) so we explored Uphill, a village on the outskirts of Weston-super-Mare.

We walked south along Weston’s promenade, passing Funland, an outdoor theme park, which has replaced Banksy’s Dismaland. After a short beach stretch we turned inland just before the golf course. This road took us almost directly to Uphill, only 20 minutes or so walking but a world away from Weston.

Uphill Nature Reserve
Uphill Hill Nature Reserve

Arriving in Uphill we passed the sweetly named Donkey Field. In years gone by this has been used as a retirement field for a local donkey and as pasture for the Weston beach donkeys. We didn’t see any donkeys but a few Dexter cattle were grazing in one corner. Despite their horns the kids thought these miniature cattle were very cute.

Uphill Hill Local Nature Reserve

We were aiming for Uphill Hill Nature Reserve. However I somehow managed to walk past the main entrance and arrive at the boatyard instead. Conveniently home to the only cafe in the village so we stopped for a drink and bite to eat.

Suitably refreshed we followed the sign past the boats to Uphill Hill Nature Reserve. As befits its name, the reserve is primarily a hill; its limestone grassland covered in flowers each spring. An old windmill tower and partially ruined church top the hill.

Windmill Tower, Uphill Nature Reserve
Windmill Tower, Uphill Hill Nature Reserve

There are fantastic views from Windmill Tower; Brean Down and Weston Bay in one direction, inland Somerset the other. I didn’t realise at the time but it’s possible to climb the tower for even better views. Although the kids were keen to avoid the cattle grazing near its entrance.

The Old Church of St Nicholas stands on top of the hill. This Norman building dates from around 1080AD and consists of a tower, chancel and roofless nave. Nowadays it is cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust and although not complete seems to be in pretty good condition given its exposed aspect.

St Nicholas' Church, Uphill Nature Reserve
Old St Nicholas’ Church, Uphill Hill Nature Reserve

From the church we walked down the steep hill back into the village and turned left towards the coast. I didn’t have a map so we simply followed the path alongside the River Axe, as it flows out into Weston Bay.

View over to Brean Down from Uphill
View over to Brean Down from Uphill

The view out to Brean Down was tantalising; however it’s not possible to access from Uphill. Despite various warning signs we still saw several people on the horizon paddling at the water’s edge. We’ve watched a rescue from the mud further down on Weston beach, why ignore the signs?


Uphill beach

Uphill beach was very windy, which I guess explains its popularity for beach wind sports. We watched a man zooming up and down in a land yacht (I think, but I’m no expert). Wow, did he go fast.

Drinks on the beach bus, Uphill Slipway Beach
Drinks on the beach bus, Uphill Slipway Beach

Despite the wind we couldn’t resist a drink on top of the double decker cafe bus that’s parked on the beach. We had to hold on tight to our cups and try to ignore the sand blowing into our eyes and hair!

The quiet end of Weston-super-Mare beach
The quiet end of Weston-super-Mare beach

It was a sunny day but this end of the beach was almost deserted. That is until we reached the beach car park. From that point on the crowds walking into Weston thickened, until there was hardly room to move on the pavement.

Walking towards Weston-super-Mare
Walking towards Weston-super-Mare

We walked past the sand sculptures which we’ve visited previously. No time to visit this year! However there’s no way we’d escape Weston-super-Mare without a trip along the pier to feed 2p pieces into the arcade machines. Family tradition also dictates stopping for ice-cream at PJ’s Ice Cream Parlour on the seafront. Highly recommended.

Ice creams in Weston-super-Mare
Ice creams in Weston-super-Mare

We all agreed that this year’s trip had made a great change from our usual day out. Next time we’ll walk north to Sands Bay, returning via the Pier of course!

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15 thoughts on “Exploring Uphill, the quiet end of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset”

  1. What a fun day out. W-S-M is fun to explore. We usually stick to the less crowded areas. Nothing beats walking that little bit further. Some of the donkeys used to spend the winter in our village. Not sure if they still do. #CountryKids

  2. Looks a gorgeous walk – great pics. My son isn’t too old for beaches yet, he loves them, but I think I’d prefer this if we were in the area.
    Am shocked by people ignoring the mud signs though – madness.

  3. this is not what I think of when I remember Weston Super Mare at all. It looks like a lovely walk and I love the old church and windmill tower. I had quite forgotten about the sinking mud in that area, but I have some vague childhood memories of my Dad loosing a shoe in the sands near there. The photos looks wonderful with stunning views, definitely a place worth visiting to get away from donkey rides and seafront shops.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. I clicked on your post because we live in Weston & I love Uphill. We’ve walked to the church many times & this year we even watched the Red Arrows from the church graveyard. It’s so lovely up there, it really blows away the cobwebs climbing to the top. Plus it wouldn’t be Weston if you didn’t have to hold onto your tea cups, hat, coat & anything else that can be blown away #countrykids

  5. Great photos, looks like a brilliant family adventure with lots to see! I bet the ice cream at the end of your day out just topped it off, perfect! #countrykids

  6. What a lovely day out for you and it looks like a bright sunny day as well. The The out to Brean Down is definitely stunning. We haven’t been there yet, but looking to visit one day.

  7. Well we will be doing just that tomorrow! Cant wait…wonder if theres a “refreshment” house nearby…

  8. Beautiful aspect,certainly a place to encourage peace of mind.
    Graves of drowned seaman and family graves indicate that it is still possible to be buried in this calming spot. When I used to visit friends at Weston, I always took myself up there at some point during my stay. I grew up near Southend but Weston Super Mare redressed the balance and made me realise that all Seaside towns are not about fish & chips and Candy floss.,

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